Cambridge Lifeskills is a professional Counselling service that is FREE for any pupil who attends a Cambridge School. This service is unique in New Zealand, established in Cambridge for Cambridge families since 1992 – 24 years. Our aim is to consistently provide early intervention for our families resulting in them developing vital life skills so they are able to navigate their way through everyday challenging life events.



Clients, parents or caregivers and teachers worked within 2016


New referrals between
March 2015 - March 2016


Children on the waiting list as of
August 2016

Patron: Sarah Ulmer

As a mum of two young girls and a Cambridge resident, I am really proud to be the Patron of Cambridge Life Skills.

I think that the free counselling service this organisation provides to our Cambridge young people is just fantastic – having a place where our young ones can have access to help BEFORE the problems become too big is such an incredible asset to our town and its future.

Cambridge is such a fortunate town – with amazing facilities, people and positive community. But not everyone is lucky enough to grow up carefree.

Having Cambridge Lifeskills help our children and young people achieve their full potential – in the classroom and out in the big wide world I think is not just so valuable to our children and families, but is helping the future of Cambridge stay safe, vibrant and prosperous.

Keep up the great work you guys!!

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